Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year - Reflection No. 3, "Night Glow" Abstract Painting

Happy New Year! 2016 has arrived, another year to make resolutions, to learn and master new skills, start new projects, and to allow you creative passions to flow! I am excited to begin another year. This past year has been full of changes for my wife and I, but we look forward to a productive, impulsive and artistic year ahead!  

“Reflection No. 3, Night Glow.” Acrylic on Canvas. 18 x 24 in. Palette Knife Painting. Artist Charles Wolf. Charles Wolf Studio © 2015.

Today, I wanted to share with you a new speed painting/time-lapse video of an original abstract that I very recently painted. This painting is titled “Night Glow,” and it is the third painting in my Reflections series. This work is a celebratory piece with bold, bright yellows, oranges, reds and cool blues! It abstractly captures the colorful reflections of streetlights dancing on the water, shimming luminously in the darkness.  Watch the brief video below to see me paint this piece from start to finish:

What did you think of my painting? Comment below and let me know what new projects and artistic activities do you plan to start this New Year? Best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2016!


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