Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Morning on the River" Painting and Time-lapse Video!

Hello! New painting and time-lapse video for your viewing pleasure! I love the early morning light, and I have been enjoying the wonderful sunrises that we have had the past few days here in NC. Today, I painted a pretty little work titled “Morning on the River.” This piece is a simple representational landscape, featuring a very cloudy, vibrant sky, with a muted river and riverbanks below, reflecting the light interchanged with the shadows and reflections of the trees.

"Morning on the River." Acrylic on Canvas. 9 x 12 in. 
Artist Charles Wolf. Charles Wolf Studio © 2016. 

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When I was younger, my father would take my brother and I fishing on a simi-regular basis. There was a small river near our house (when I was in my teens) where we could launch our canoe. We spent many a beautiful morning fishing on the river as the sun was rising, shimmering on the water. While the trees in this piece are not the same as those in California, the feeling of this work reminds me of those days.

To create this painting, I used a 1-inch brush, two ½-inch flat brushes and a palette knife. Color palette: Primary Blue, Primary Red, Titanium White, Mars Black, Yellow Ochre, and Hooker's Green. 

Here is the time-lapse video, from start to finish of me painting “Morning on the River” for you to enjoy:

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Thank you so much for watching my painting video and reading this post today! I will be back with more blog content as usual on Friday. Until then, go out and be creative!


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