Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Sunset Watercolor Painting + Video!

"Evening." Watercolor on Paper, 7.5x10in. Artist Charles Wolf.
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Hello Everyone, I am very excited to share my newest creative project/passion – watercolor painting. For my birthday this year, back at the end of October, a few generous family members and friends provided the funds for me to invest in the basic materials I needed to begin working in this medium.

I find that watercolors present a unique challenge in that they are not as easily controlled like acrylics or oil paint, finding the right balance of water to paint (pigmentation) requires some practice, and due to the opacity of the paint, there is an emphasis on layering, building up color intensity. Another difference I discovered was that it is harder to fix mistakes in watercolor. By comparison, acrylic paint can be dried with a blow dryer and then painted over, and oil paint can be covered up by adding some linseed oil to your paint before layering it on top of what is already on the canvas. When working with Watercolors, at best you can dab some of the water off with a paper towel, but you may not be able to fully get rid of the pigmentation.

Can a beginner paint in this medium? Of course! But the techniques and approaches are a little different from other styles of painting and tend to be less forgiving to mistakes. That being said, stylistically this medium is more abstracted than the others, and if you are like me, not as interested in painting all of the little details, watercolor painting may be for you!


I do strongly recommend purchasing professional-grade/artist quality paint if you are interested in starting with watercolors. The student grade/less expensive paint contains less pigmentation, will not mix properly, and will not be as vibrant. I know that the kid version of watercolor, the plastic flat of ovals, abound, but the watercolor medium is very delicate and it is really worth the extra investment. 

Artist Quality Watercolors:

Alizarin Crimson
Bright Red
Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Ultramarine Blue
Payne’s Grey

Bight Brush
Water Cup
Stay-Wet Palette
140lbs Watercolor Paper – Artist Grade
Flat Surface or Easel

"Evening" - Instructional Watercolor Painting Video:

"Evening." Real Time Watercolor Painting Instructional Video. Artist Charles Wolf. Impulsive Artistry © 2016. 
All Rights Reserved. Impulsive Artistry Blog Productions. 

Etsy Sale:

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Take a look and consider supporting my artwork, this blog, and me by purchasing an amazing piece of art that you can use in your own home or office or give away as a gift! Here are the few of the paintings that are on sale: 

"Autumn Field." $40. Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8x10in. 
Artist Charles Wolf. Impulsive Artistry © 2016.

"Coral Sunset." $40.  Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8x10in. 
Artist Charles Wolf. Impulsive Artistry © 2016.

"Mountain Lake." $40. Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8x10in. 
Artist Charles Wolf. Impulsive Artistry © 2016.

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Final Thoughts:

What do you think of my watercolor painting? Let me know in the comments below or on the ImpulsiveArtistry Facebook Page!

I have already created several more paintings and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks!

Hope you have a fantastic creative day,


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