Monday, December 28, 2015

“Reflections No. 2, Fading Light” Time-lapse Video!

Time-lapse Video - "Reflection No. 2, Fading Light."Artist Charles Wolf. 
Charles Wolf Studio © 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

I have finally finished editing this video together and am happy to present to you all the time-lapse of my new acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24 in., abstracted landscape painting. I originally titled this work, “Sunlit Lake, ” but on further consideration changed it to “Fading Light.” I have been very inspired by both abstract and cityscape painters recently – particularly those using bold color palettes in primary hues. The concept of reflections for this series of paintings, mirrors my fascination with water and light, but more personally the contemplative mood of the season as the New Year is about to begin.

 When I am looking for new ideas I find that I gain great inspiration by looking at the works of other current artists, either in the communities that I am a part of on Google+ or on YouTube. Often I will see color combinations, themes, motifs, ideas and techniques that grip me, I will sometimes spend 10 minutes or more analyzing such paintings to observe every detail, and I feel suddenly and impulsively driven to try it myself!

As I have explored other artist’s works, I have been struck not only by the techniques employed but also by the variety of tools used to create these pieces. One artist that I recently watched a video of was using a very large scrapper (4-5 inches across) to quickly highlight her buildings in the background. Another was using a cooking spatula to fling paint upward across the canvas in a Jackson Pollock fashion (I technique that I will not be replicating in my living room).

Larger Image: "Reflection No. 2, Fading Light." Charles Wolf Studio © 2015.  

 I think what I love most about painting, and I sincerely mean this, is the possibility that each blank canvas holds in a metaphorical way. My favorite part is always the first mark that I make. While I usually have a general idea of the composition worked out in my head, the subtle expressions created by the brush that fall outside my attempts at control, and the creative process where I continually respond to what I am putting on the canvas are the best moments in act of painting. I often find that new ideas form in the moment, perhaps due to the interaction of two colors, or shape or line. I never like to plan everything out in advance, but the process of exploration that is surprising even to me at times, I think, forms the heart of what I truly love about painting!    

To be honest, my wife is a little mystified with my burst of creativity lately, and has asked me where we will be storing all these new works (not sure about that yet). In case you did not know, all my paintings can be purchased from the Official Impulsive Artistry Etsy Shop:

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Thank you all for reading this article, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this time-lapse painting video and feel inspired yourself to try something creative today!


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