Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sunrise at Sea - Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Hello, I am excited to share another original acrylic painting with you all today. This is titled “Sunrise at Sea,” Acrylic on Canvas, 9 x 12, Charles Wolf Studio © 2015. I am really on a roll with this acrylic painting style this week. In the past, I often disliked the look of finished acrylic paintings, as they typically appear to have a plastic/fake quality and not natural enough for my taste like oils. While this still holds true for more realistic looking landscapes, they have been an interesting challenge to work with more abstracted works—so far I have been very happy with the results.

After the frenetic energy of my last abstract painting: Reflections No. 1, I wanted to paint a simple, calming little piece. I started with canvas that I previously prepared with a red gesso layer (not the basic white). The idea for this painting began as two-tone abstract employing an analogous color palette (these are colors that are next or very near each other on the color wheel and are often found in nature). I choose a light blue with a touch of green, and a light green with a touch of blue as my base colors, using a dirty brown/grey horizontal band for contrast and accent, dividing the two colors. After applying the base colors above and below as well as left and right on the bottom half of the canvas, respectively, I added the grey clouds with simple horizontal strokes using a stiff flat brush. Using a smaller brush, I then added the light yellow to brighten the center of the canvas, to illuminate the bottom of the clouds, and splitting my two base colors to opposite sides on the bottom half of the painting with the sunlight reflection on the water—a local, subtle and vertical mirroring of the large scale composition of this piece.

Sunrise at Sea, 9 x 12 In., Acrylic on Canvas, Artist Charles Wolf, Charles Wolf Studio © 2015. 

Let me know what you all think of this pleasant little painting in the comments below! See more of my works at my Painting Gallery: 

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