Monday, December 28, 2015

"Article 42.7" — EDM Single, Original Music by Charles Wolf

"Article 42.7" Original EDM Single and Video by Composer Charles Wolf. 
Charles Wolf Studio © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

I was cleaning out old files from my Macbook Air the other day—it is amazing how many junk files, forms and the like, that you accumulate at graduate school—I am trying to reduce the amount of information stored on my hard drive. Creating the videos for the blog tends to fill up my storage space quickly, and I am finally reaching my capacity after three years. I was going through some older Garage Band files of some pieces of music that I had created and mixed together last year, when I stumbled onto this piece with the curious title of “42.7”—not sure why I named it that...

One of the best and most generous Christmas gifts that I have ever received was this laptop that I use to create all my blog material. It was then a brand new Macbook Air, back in 2012, given to me by my in-laws as a Graduation/Christmas present—I was about to go to work on my Masters degree in Texas at the time and needed a new computer. 

As most of you probably know, the program Garage Band is a standard feature on Macs. As a musician, I greatly enjoy relaxing by writing experimental music – mostly by messing around with various loops and sound effects, which is how this piece was written. This is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) track, featuring a Hardstyle distorted lead and a House-beat grove. To be honest, I do not listen to much EDM, but I do know a little about that genera of music.

This piece mostly consists mixing, cutting and modulating pre-made loops available to all Mac users to create the music (again this was not a serious art project but a fun experiment), the originality comes in the merger of music and images, forming the music video that I just made for this piece. I found of number of free images online that I photo edited extensively and stringed together to create futuristic dystopian theming that corresponds to the style of music.

After a quick Google search, typing in the numbers 42.7, I discovered the Lisbon agreement, which forms the basis for the EU. Coincidentally, Article 42.7 of that agreement is a solidarity clause between the union nations so that if an aggressive force attacks one nation, the others are therefore obligated to provide aid and assistance. After the horrific Paris terrorist attacks, France recently invoked this article, calling the EU to action and aid. ‘Article’ “42.7” seemed appropriately titled after all and described the chaotic essence of music quite well.

I hope that you enjoyed this experimental little piece and my music video for it! Let me know what you thought in the comments below. What style of music should I share with you next?


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