Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cape Hatteras Panoramic Sunrise Painting, 1 x 4 ft!

“Cape Hatteras Sunrise” – Closeup. Artist Charles Wolf. 
Acrylic on Wood, 12x48in. An Original Painting.
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

Hello all, Christmas season is in the air, and I just got my tree trimmed/house decorated yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I find that this time of the year is a great opportunity to be reflective, take stock of what you have accomplished, and plan ahead (loosely) for the next year. See my post with "5 Tips to be More Creatively Productive!" Looking over the photography that I have taken this year, I came back to my trip to Cape Hatteras, NC on the Outer Banks.

You can see my photos from this trip here:

During my stay there, I witnessed many spectacular sunrises, one of which I decided to paint as a large panoramic on wood: 1 ft by 4 ft! Recently, my neighborhood hosted a cleaning day where you could pile up at the corner any household items you no longer needed and the association would haul it away for you. Someone tossed two bookcase shelves (real wood), which I promptly liberated and took up to my studio to use in future paintings – this is the first of the two that I have used and it worked great!

“Cape Hatteras, Panoramic Sunrise.” Artist Charles Wolf. 
Acrylic on Wood, 12x48in. An Original Painting. 
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

Here is the acrylic color palette:

Cobalt Blue
Titanium White
Prism Violet
Phthalo Green
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Naphthol Crimson

This painting took me almost two hours to paint from start to finish. Now that is fully realized, I have a few adjustments that I want to make to it (perhaps I can share the final version in a future post), but today, I will share what I have accomplished so far. After a bit of editing, here is a short timelapse video with some relaxing piano music for you to enjoy while I paint away!  

Cape Hatteras Sunrise – Timelapse Video

Cape Hatteras Sunrise. Artist Charles Wolf.
An Original Timelapse Painting Video. Acrylic on Wood, 12x48in.  
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, be creative, and I will be back on Monday with our next "Feeling Inspired Link Up!" 


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