Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year Resolutions?

Tis the season to make New Year Resolutions as New Year’s Day fast approaches and we find ourselves at the start of another cycle around the sun. The time has come to resolve to improve our relationships, our lives, our minds or our bodies with small to grand sweeping changes. Each year we set out with new goals for the year, but in a few short months are we still working on them? We may ask: why make these at all? Why try?

A little over a year ago, back when I had just started this blog, I wrote a set of articles about the “Challenges to a Creative Lifestyle.” While put into the context of creativity, the principles discussed apply to life in general. One of the challenges that we all must face is failure. As I wrote then,

“In our society, we often judged on what we have done, and not what we have attempted to do, while this is logical, the downside is that many people assume that they cannot accomplish much and are afraid to fail. Failure can sometimes be better for us in the long run than always being successful. Out of a dozen paintings, a handful will be successful to me as the artist. Don’t be afraid of failure, it is how we grow and learn. Better to fail than not try at all!”

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So you may be wondering, what are your New Year Resolutions, Charles?

I personally struggle with social anxiety, and find that this effect is intensified when I consume caffeine, via coffee or soda, which I will be eliminating from my diet. Creatively, I will continue to write posts for Impulsive Artistry and create painting videos for my YouTube Channel. I am also trying to limit the amount of time I spend in front of a computer or phone to working on blog/painting video related tasks, keeping my media browsing to just 20min a day. Social media is a wonderful tool, but it can also be a huge time-consumer in my life. I hope that this change will enable me to be more productive overall.  

I often find that it’s the large-scale changes that are the most difficult to maintain and that the smaller the adjustments we attempt, the more likely we are to persevere throughout the year. While it is true that we may not perfectly keep our New Year Resolutions, self-improvement is a great ambition, and hope that all of you will try to improve one area of your life this year. Even if you fail, you can pick yourself back up, and try again. Life is filled with failure, but that makes each success that much sweeter.

Question of the Day?

What New Year Resolutions are you making this year? Let me in the comments below or on the Impulsive Artistry Facebook Page!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and an amazing artistic week!


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