Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Leaves. New Abstract Painting + Painting Videos!

Spring Leaves. Original Abstract by Artist Charles Wolf. 
Acrylic on Textured Canvas, 12 x 24 in. 
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. All Rights Reserved.  

Hello Everyone, 
A new abstract painting to share with you all today! I am so happy to showcase my latest piece “Spring Leaves.” As I shared in Monday’s photo set titled “Spring Fever,” spring is in the air, and I am greatly inspired by every moment of it! This piece uses the same techniques and tools that I employed in my artwork “Autumn Leaves,” and this is a companion piece to that work.

Timelapse Painting Video for “Spring Leaves”

Spring Leaves. Acrylic on Textured Canvas, 12 x 24 in. 
Timelapse Painting Video. Artist Charles Wolf. 
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. Impulsive Artistry Blog Productions.

Full-Length Painting Video with Commentary for “Spring Leaves”

Spring Leaves. Acrylic on Textured Canvas, 12 x 24 in. 
Full-Length Painting Video. Artist Charles Wolf. 
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. Impulsive Artistry Blog Productions.

How I Created This Artwork

I began with a 12 x 24 inch Canvas that I covered in globs of “Tacky” PVA glue. Be sure to have the canvas lying flat on a table (use a drop cloth underneath to protect from spillage) if you utilize this technique. Using a hairdryer and a 1-inch brush, I created a moving, uneven, ridge-filled texture to paint over. The drying process took about 10-15 minutes. I let the canvas rest for another 15min before I started painting.

Here is a link to the “Tacky” PVA Glue that I used on Amazon:


Next, I squirted my acrylic paint directly from the tubes onto the canvas and spread it out with a large palette knife that I created by tearing the handle off a giant metal spatula, which I purchased at a local dollar store up the street.

To create this beautiful art, I used the Liquitex Basics brand of acrylic paint, which worked quite well, wasn’t too expensive, and moved around nicely. The biggest piece of advice that I can give, if you want to try this painting technique yourself, is to NOT overwork the paint—smear it out, maybe go over it once, but not too much or you will create mud!

Here are the colors that I used:

Cadmium Yellow Medium
Hooker’s Green
Yellow Ochre
Cobalt Blue
Burnt Umber
Titanium White
Mars Black

Link to where you can purchase this paint on Amazon:

A nice intro pack of 8 tubes to get started. Doesn't have every color that I used, but similar. 

Buy the tubes individually here, get the exact colors as listed above! Use the drop-down menu to select the colors that you want. 

I created the limbs and tree trunks by using the side of my knife, cutting through the paint to the dried layer of PVA Glue. The final step was to let the painting dry upright on the easel so that gravity pulled the paint downward off the high spots in the texture to create the beautiful cracks that you see. I then went back over a few spots with a smaller palette knife as a finishing touch.

A Few Close-up Photos — Notice the Texture

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Closing Thoughts

Even if you have never painted before, give this method a try! It is a lot of fun to play around with the paint this way, it is relatively simple as painting goes, and can create a very attractive piece of art that will work well as home or office décor!

Thank you for viewing my artwork today! I hope that you find the art you see here on Impulsive Artistry to be inspiring, and that you will be more creative in your own life! As always, may you have a fantastic artistic day, and we will be back with more artwork soon!


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