Thursday, April 28, 2016

Guest Artist Feature: M. Allison, Painter

"Bullish." Mixed Media: Oil and Acrylic, 36x36 in. 
Artist M. Allison. All Rights Reserved. 

Hey everyone,

I'm M. Allison and I want to start with a big thank you to Charles for featuring my work today!

I was brought up in a world of creativity. Momma's gourmet cooking, Bawmaw's professional sewing, Granny's painting and best of all, my sisters.  We travel in a pack and live creativity. Art, always art, in any form.  I love it!

"Up the Walk." From the Within Series. Acrylic, 30x36 in. 
Artist M. Allison. All Rights Reserved.  

My self worth to an extent is measured in what I create. I have to feel productive. I am a productive mother with four children, three are triplets, and I'm still in a dream. They will never remember my cooking, but they will remember me with a paintbrush in my hand.

Private art lessons in 4th grade (and bowling lessons too of all things– not sure where that came from), art award in high school, Fine Arts major in college and accepted for my Master's degree. I suppose I could have achieved that were it not for the 3 babies coming at one time. On to volunteering for every conceivable thing when the kids were in school that were always art related in some way. One will never get as much praise as when one volunteers!

"In the Moment." Mixed Media: Oil, Oil Pastel, 24x34 in.
  Artist M. Allison. All Rights Reserved. 

On to professionalism—What I have heard is that one can claim to be a professional if you have been paid for that profession. And that is me now. I've also heard that when you love your work, you never work a day in your life.  So true!  So on I go!

Throughout my artistic career, I have had a desire to set my art apart from others.  In keeping with my own creativity, my thought processes have evolved and evolved again.  Aside from abstract in two dimensions and three dimensions, I have gone in many other directions.  Always trying new and different mediums, I have loved some and disliked some. I often take what works – what feels the most comfortable and narrow it to a point of peaceful painting. Although peace is essential, there can be no room for complacency.  My art must be ever evolving. 

Untitled Abstract. Mixed Media.
Artist M. Allison. All Rights Reserved.  

Painting and drawing are the most pleasurable things I do. Loving it makes me want to give any extra minute to some part of it. It is ever present. For as long as I can remember, art has been my purpose – thinking and indulging in it. My work is diverse and that is what I love – different ways to create, different outcomes, and different satisfactions.  It always surprises me!

Two Boats. Mixed Media: Oil and Graphite, 48x48 in.
Artist M. Allison. All Rights Reserved. 

M. Allison

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