Disclosure Policy

Impulsive Artistry is dedicated to inspiring my readers to live exuberant, creative and artistic lives, to step out the normal day-to-day routine, to explore the world and try something new each week. I seek to promote talented artists across the arts and from around the world on this blog, as well as providing high-quality, relevant information for my readers on the creative activities that I pursue.

Within those parameters, I am seeking to provide some income stream from this endeavor so that I can continue to create new content each week, to support my family, and cover associated costs of running a blog. When you click on some of the links I provide, I may be earning a small fee from a manufacturer or company. I may also accept paid advertising on my blog’s sidebar and use affiliate links in posts when they are available.

Please know that I will attempt to be very clear when a post here on Impulsive Artistry contains such links. The readers of Impulsive Artistry are my first priority, and my decisions about the blog going forward will not be driven by monetary considerations.    

If you ever have questions or concerns, please send me an email. I am happy to have your input and constructive criticism. While I can’t please everyone, I will always do my very best to remain open and honest regarding this topic, and to act with integrity.
Thank you for your continued support of this blog, and may you have a fantastic artistic and creative day!   


Last updated March 22, 2016. 
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