Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Photos from North Carolina — Inspiring Creativity

Over the past few days (and weeks), I have greatly enjoyed walking to a few of my piano students homes for lessons. On the way to them, I was captivated by the brilliance of some of the colors on the trees and was compelled to stop and takes the photos to share with you all. The contrast from the highlights (brightest part of the foliage) on the trees with the stormy weather was so beautiful! I find that I get great artistic inspiration when I stop to "smell the flowers," or in this case, the smell of wet pavement and falling leaves. I may even paint one these photos, any suggestions on which one? Comment below with what you think!   

Orange and Red Burst, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015. This is a neighborhood right near my home. 

A Little Firecracker, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015. Another home near mine. 

"Orange" Street, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015. 

Three Park Benches, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015.
I can walk to this park in about 5 minutes from my house, a wooded glen in the heart of the city.  

Lonely Park Bench, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015.

All the color seems to concentrated to the center in this photo. I love the reds intersecting with the yellows.  

Path through the Park, Original Photo by Charles Wolf, 2015.

This is perhaps my favorite photo - most autumn feeling to me. The storm clouds rolling in over head, cool breeze, and the smell of impending rain mixed with the freshness of the pines and decaying leaves. Now I feel like hot chocolate and playing boardgames indoors...

I hope that you found these photos to be as inspirational as I did. Winter is coming, so get outside, be artistic, and enjoy it before it gets too cold and gloomy! I would love to see your fall photos, feel free to post them on my Facebook page, at this link:

Impulsive Artistry Facebook Page Link

What inspires you to be creative? Don't forget to let me know photo you like best and think I should paint, vote in the comments!     

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