Monday, January 30, 2017

Feeling Inspired? #13 - Link Up

Are You Feeling Inspired?

Need a creative boost to start your week?

 I know I do – join me each Monday for a linkup party where you can share your creative side (posts): Painting, Drawing, Photography, Quilting, Music, DIYs, Crafts… 

If it is creative, then share it here — I would love to see what you are working on!

Two Modern Abstracts:

This past week I have been dabbling in some abstract painting, and tried a new approach to create two modern pieces. Both of these works employ the same color palette: Naphthol Red, Naples Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Mars Black and Titanium White. I began with the three primaries, creating a geometric pattern of zigzags. Drying this completely with a hairdryer, I then took my palette knife with some Titanium White and layered it over the bright colors underneath. I added some more Cobalt and Crimson, respectively, on top of the White in places to strength the presence of those colors. Lastly, I cut some lines through the wet, top layer of paint with the tip of knife to add interest and movement. 

Let me know in the comments below what you think! :  )  

Intuition # 1
Artist Charles Wolf
Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8x10 in. 
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Intuition # 2
Artist Charles Wolf
Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8 x 10 in.
Impulsive Artistry © 2017
All Rights Reserved

These types of abstracts are relatively easy to create, and would make the perfect decor in your home, especially at a larger scale (18x24in for instance). As a fun alternative, you could use a uniform base color, instead of the three primaries, that matched your home decor to a better degree. Kids of all ages can create this type of painting as well - it makes a great project to try together!  

Check out this painting video where I take you step-by-step through the whole process: 

Two Modern Abstracts Instructional Painting Video
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Painting Commissions: 

If you would like a custom piece of abstract art created for your home, then email me here: 

I would love to create a piece just for you!   

Special Rate Offer: 

8x10 inches: $40 + Shipping
9x12 inches: $70 + Shipping
14x18 inches: $100 + Shipping
18x24 inches: $130 + Shipping

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