Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ultimate How To Guide to Avoid Being Pranked on April Fools Day—Ten Creative Ways!

Uh Oh! Did you think this article was going to be helpful? Guess again!

Lesson number 1: Nowhere, and I mean nowhere is safe… do not trust anyone, even me.

Lesson No. 2: Repeat No 1.

Lesson No 3: Do not believe any headlines or blog article titles you read today (no one famous has died!)—Just finish reading this article, share it on Facebook or Twitter, and then turn off your computer, phone or tablet! I mean it, just turn them off and have an unplugged/device free day… it’s safer!

Lesson No 4: To emphasize Lesson No. 3, there will NOT be 10 creative ways to avoid being pranked today in this blog post!

Lesson No. 5: On this day, one day out of the year, your loved ones are the enemy. They are out to get you, do not be caught off guard! In fact, it’s better if you are not near them at all, but if you can’t help it, be watchful at all times!

Lesson No. 6: Do not put the sugar in your coffee without testing it for salt, do not use the spray nozzle in your sink without checking for tape, and DO NOT keep any shaving cream, honey, maple or chocolate syrup in the house! THROW THAT “STUFF” OUT! The last thing you want is to wake up with a sticky face full of “X.”
I could tell you horror stories from my childhood, but there is no time, they are coming for you…

Lesson No. 7: Be wary of closed doors, because they may have water buckets suspended above them! You just get dressed for work and BAM – soaking wet! 

Lesson No. 8: Did I say trust no one? I meant it! Your co-workers have been waiting since this past Secret Santa to get back at your for the re-gift that you gave them after they gave you a $30 gift card for coffee! If you see them smirk in your direction… Beware!

Lesson No. 9: Stay frosty my friends and with a little luck we will all make it to the other side! As always, have a fantastic and creative day of practical joke circumvention!

                              Happy April Fools Day!


Senior Chair of the Committee for April Fool’s Day Prank Detection, Avoidance, and General Safety.  

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