Monday, March 14, 2016

Learn How To Paint an Autumn Field (Basic Acrylic Painting)!

 "Autumn Field." Artist Charles Wolf. 
Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8x10 in. 
Charles Wolf Studio © 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Hello Everyone,

I hope that you have a fun weekend and are doing well this week! Spring is the air, and my reaction is to paint a fall scene… didn’t make sense to me either, but this is one of the paintings that I completed last week that I wanted to share with you all! While certainly due to the warmer weather we’ve been having here in North Carolina, spring is on its way; most the trees have not started leafing out just yet, so I am waiting for that to start creating spring paintings.

I have wanted to do another basic and easy acrylic landscape painting that a beginner artist might be able to do, and now I did it! The Hill Country of Texas, near Austin, where I lived for several years, inspired this painting. The rolling hills and fields look just like this most of the year, but particularly in September, hence the title. Outside our home in Texas, there was a large tree on hill, similarly shaped to the one in this painting, and I am using that memory as the basis for this piece.

As usual, all of my original paintings are for sale at the Impulsive Artistry Etsy Shop. Due to it's smaller size, 8 x10 inches, this painting, "Autumn Field," is very affordable, so consider supporting my art today by purchasing this piece!

To begin painting, here are the things that you will need:

1 Inch Brush - "chip brush"
No. 8 Filbert Brush
Water Cup
Paper Towels
Palette (a piece of cardboard can work nicely)
Drop Cloth
Easel (Recommended)
8x10in Canvas Board

Acrylic Paint (4 Colors):
Cobalt Blue
Mars Black
Cadmium Yellow
Titanium White

Place the drop cloth first then setup your palette in your work area. We will start with the Blue, White and Black so put those on to your palette first. About 3 minutes into this instructional, step-by-step painting video we will use the yellow, but wait until that point to put it out on to your palette as it may dry out on you if you put it out right away. Get a cup, fill it with water (make sure that you are ok with the paint staining this cup), and have the paper towels handy. You are now ready to start! 


Do not worry about “mistakes,” just have fun!

Press gently with the brush, allow it to move freely, and don’t try to over control it.

Don’t worry about details, just basic shapes, shadows and highlights.

Try not to peck at the canvas, move smoothly.

You do not have to copy exactly what I am doing (color, shapes, clouds, trees…) this video is just an idea/structured plan to get you started – see what you can create and come up with and make it your own!

Autumn Field—Instructional Painting Video


Q: How Do I Load the Brush?

A: Drag a little paint out and simply tap the bristles of the brush to load it.

Q: How Do I Clean the Brush?

A: Swirl the brush in the water against the side and bottom of the cup, tap a few times gently, the dry with the paper towel - be sure to get all the paint out!

Q: How Do I Hold the Brush?

A: Either like a pencil, or better still, point your pointer finger, place that finger on top the brush, and then gently wrap the rest of your fingers around the brush.

Another Painting Finished!

Well thank you very much for viewing my painting, reading this article, and watching the instructional video that I created! I really hope that some of you can try to create this piece. It really is easier than it looks, and even if yours doesn’t look like mine, never give up, keep at it, and continue practicing!!! You never know what you can accomplish until you try!

Feel free to share your finished paintings on my Blog’s Facebook Page; linked below, I would love to see them! Have a great creative day,


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